Driving Greater Value

With the complexities and demands of your busy imaging department and the importance you place on quality patient care, we offer a full range of support services that can be customized to any need or budget.


Your Partner in Quality and Patient Care

RAYUS is easy to work with, and we have a good relationship with the manager. When we want to add something new they’ve been very helpful in lining up training.

– Radiology director, Mississippi health care system

We expedite your equipment and unit setup process with full support at every stage, including equipment orientation and pre-rental setup. A dedicated operations contact will work closely with you throughout your contract term.

Site Planning: We ensure reliable delivery and uptime by working in advance through site planning guides that provide you with the minimum site, electrical and communications requirements.

Asset Management: Our teams oversee all equipment maintenance and quality control programs. This ensures the highest quality of service plus visibility into operations to track optimal utilization.

Maintenance: All advanced imaging equipment is covered by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) service contract, and all units are maintained to the required manufacturer specifications so you can be confident of the scanner’s performance. Regular preventative maintenance is performed off-hours to minimize service interruptions.

RAYUS Radiology uses all certified OEM equipment under full OEM service contracts – and our fleet of medical coaches is Department of Transportation (DOT) certified.

Quality Programs: Our advanced imaging equipment is rigorously evaluated by a third-party organization to ensure each one is configured to deliver high-quality images. If you are not utilizing our staff to operate the scanner, we provide in-service orientation to familiarize your teams with the equipment and provide a higher comfort level in working with the scanner and its components.

Service integration and QA: Our operations team supports your radiology workflow and provides recommendations for seamless service integration. Our quality improvement director continuously monitors our quality and safety through multiple initiatives and programs.

Safety and Compliance: Patient and staff safety is always our top priority, and our teams are trained annually to ensure compliance. If the scanner is staffed by your team, we review safety standards with the team for all equipment.

Patient Satisfaction: As part of our commitment to customer service, RAYUS Radiology conducts regular patient satisfaction surveys and reports critical data to establish a baseline and improve patient satisfaction levels.

Staffing Services: If your own staff will be managing operations, we will provide general applications training. If you are in need of staffing, we offer highly-trained and accredited technologists specialized in the operation of equipment for all service areas according to state and industry requirements. These staffing services can also be provided to minimize interruption of service days caused by unanticipated staff absences.

Billing & Reimbursement: RAYUS Radiology offers optional administrative and reimbursement training for your team to assist with accurate coding.

Scheduling & Appointment Confirmation: RAYUS Radiology offers a centralized scheduling program featuring trained service representatives who deliver the highest level of efficiency and customer service. These representatives manage the scheduling process and appointment confirmation while minimizing cancellations and no-shows.

Referring Provider Outreach: RAYUS Radiology account executives help optimize imaging utilization by delivering community-based clinical education to your referring providers and radiologists.

RAYUS Radiology MRI and CT technologists are certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, and our PET/CT technologists are Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologists.